From the beginning

Mad Laboratory started off as a long time dream and began to be realized early 2013. Thus began a long difficult journey to opening and operation of the Lab. With almost no budget to speak of we began putting together the equipment needed, scrounged and borrowed, re-purposed and rebuilt, we were able to set up the basics of what we wanted to create.

With a tremendous amount of support from friends and family we managed to get a logo and label designed, still built, fermentation tanks installed, fire suppression upgraded, the locations drainage and ventilation upgraded, plans drawn, re-drawn, and re-drawn again. 

 Our still was built from donated tanks and put together by a talented welder friend, put together in the configuration that we felt would produce the finest end product. Direct-fire pot still, with a thumper and shotgun condenser, allowing us to produce a smooth spirit, with the ability to retain flavours that we wanted to remain in the finished product. The flame from the still provides a toasty, almost caramel like finish, making Mad Laboratory spirits a rich and wonderful experience.

All this came together to where we are today, producing a fantastic spirit, something we are very proud of, and hope to continue on long into the future.

Who we are

Scott 2.JPG

Scott Thompson

Founder & Distiller at Mad Laboratory, the mad scientist himself, with over 15 years of distilling experience, and the same amount of time in the hospitality industry, Scott put together Mad Laboratory with tons of help from friends and family.

Using his experience and tons of elbow grease he was able to design and build a functioning distillery with tremendous quality spirits on a shoestring budget. Now producing award winning spirits, Scott will be spending his time growing the brand, developing new and creative products and sharing with all who care about quality craft spirits.


Ahmet (Met) Ulker

Ahmet Ulker is a Professional Engineer and successful entrepreneur, with a passion for alcoholic drinks, which meshes well with a weekend drinking hobby.

A liberal, who does not discriminate among his drinks and respects all equally, however, Turkish Raki, and craft beer have a special place in his heart.

Ahmet became involved with Mad Laboratory as a retirement pastime, and while he is very capable of tasting, Scott’s expertise seems to fill the remaining void.