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Delicious and rich spirit flavoured with aniseed and raisin, similar to ouzo, but with more alcohol and less sugar; this Turkish style spirit is a magnificent accompaniment with melon and cheese.

Tasting Notes:

ULKERaki is sweet and fruity on the nose, bold anise flavour with light sweetness, with the creamy viscosity that all Mad Laboratory spirits share. Best enjoyed straight up or with ice water. ULKERaki will become cloudy when diluted. Always best enjoyed with food, salty and sweet tend to pair well (melon and feta are always winners)

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Mad Laboratory gin6

Gin6 is the first gin release for us, but it will certainly not be our last. A careful blend of 6 botanicals: Juniper, coriander, lime zest, cucumber, bay leaf, and dill which leaves a beautiful, green and fresh, tasting Gin.

Tasting Notes:

This unique blend of botanicals is light and delicate, bright and summery, and very soft. Not piney or resinous, this Gin is wonderful in martinis, with a splash of soda, or citrus, fantastic for light summer cocktails.

Winner: 2019 Canadian Artisan Craft Spirit Competition GOLD

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Mad Laboratory Vodka

Our first released product, our premium vodka is triple distilled through our direct-fire pot still, taking less and less each time, collecting only the best of the "hearts" from each run. Once it has been distilled thoroughly enough, it is then carbon filtered for an incredibly smooth finished product.Mad Laboratory Vodka

Tasting notes:

Mad Laboratory Vodka has a very soft creamy texture to it, with light caramel and toasty notes. Little burn on the front of the palate, warms the throat as it goes down for a beautiful experience.

Recommended straight up, or on ice.

Winner: 2019 Canadian Artisan Craft Spirit Competition GOLD

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Mad Dog Single Malt

This ineffable spirit is one of great discussion; it's not whiskey, but it's not anything else either. It's not moonshine, we made it legally, it's just... Mad Dog!

Mad Dog is a raw spirit, straight off the still, unfiltered, full bold flavour, and intense!

Tasting Notes:

Rich chocolate and caramel notes, strong grain flavour, sweet and intense. Makes for fantastic classic whiskey cocktail variations, old fashioneds, Manhattens, and beautiful with chocolate and cream.

Winner: 2019 Canadian Artisan Craft Spirit Competition Silver

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Kombucha Cordial

A blending of locally made Kombucha Baby kombucha, and Mad Laboratory premium spirits to create this enigmatic treat. Lightly sweet and mildly astringent, this is a beautiful spirit that is a brilliant addition to any cocktail or sipped as a soft aperitif.

Tasting Notes:

Light and fruity, with light vinegar aroma, soft and flavourful on the palate. Reminiscent of sherry or sweet vermouth, but much lighter. Makes a great addition to classic cocktails to create blue Manhattans or blue Negronis, or simply top with soda for a light and refreshing drink.

A bit more tart than the blueberry, fantastic in cocktails or served with a splash of soda water. Crisp and refreshing, a perfect summer cocktail addition.

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Viking Vodka

No Nonsense, Viking is our value priced, double distilled, active carbon filtered vodka. Not as smooth as our premium vodka, but great for mixing, and a fantastic price. Our basic, no bells and whistles packaging helps us keep the final price down so you can enjoy a great craft vodka, without a bit price tag. Plus, it floats!

Tasting notes:

Toasty, caramel, chocolaty, malt notes, fairly soft finish. Mixes well, perfect for caesars, or the mix of your choice.

Winner: 2019 Canadian Artisan Craft Spirit Competition Bronze

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